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The BCRF offers a three-credit Perl Programming course for undergraduate and graduate students. Focused on applying programming to solve real-world challenges in the biological (and related) sciences, at the end of this course the student will be able to tackle mid-size (advanced) challenges.


This web site is in the process of being phased out.
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Bioinformatics is an emerging multidisciplinary scientific field. It deals with the development and the use of computational methods to assist in solving biological related problems. The explosive growth of molecular genomic and proteomic data requires increasingly powerful algorithms and automated applications. Bioinformatic tools enable researchers to discover knowledge buried in the massive digital information databases from many species of living organisms. The goal of the Bioinformatics Core Research Facility (BCRF) is to provide computational support for molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and other biological related disciplines. The BCRF is equipped with high-performance computer hardware, specialized software, and advanced database systems. The main focus of the BCRF is on database systems and the various bioinformatics tools used to mine for useful information. Services of consultation, data analysis, software training, and database support are mainly provided to the UNL research community and its partners. We also assist in fostering collaborative projects seeking to integrate modern computational techniques in the research activities.

Currently, all members of the UNL academic community have access to the standard services of the BCRF at a cost-recovery rate. The BCRF is supported in part by the Nebraska Informatics Center for the Life Sciences (NICLS). Major funding for the facility comes from the National Science Foundation EPSCoR and the Nebraska Research Initiative.

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Bioinformatics Core Research Facility - University of Nebraska, Lincoln

[Software] Job Queuing System
We have been using PBS Pro for our job queuing system for several years. A change in academic licensing for this product has forced us to re-evaluate; and we have decided that with a viable free product available (Sun Grid Engine) we have to switch. In the next month we will transition from PBS Pro ... [read more]
[Software] GCG/SeqWeb use
Since September 2007 Accelrys is no longer supporting GCG/SeqWeb and updates to its databases. Although GCG/SeqWeb can still be used here at BCRF, it is with outdated public databases. Please consider moving to EMBOSS for your sequence analysis work.
[Service] Renovation work in server room - downtime expected
In the week of 12 to 16 November we are relocating most of our servers into new, closed racks. Access to our compute cluster and specialised servers will be limited - we will try our best to keep the main login server up and running most of the time. Updates will be posted here.
[Classes] BIOS 897 / STAT 892
Starting Fall 2007, we offer a new graduate course BIOS 897 / STAT 892: Computational Molecular Biology. Instructor: Prof. Steve Ladunga. Students with a background in life sciences, agronomy, computer science, mathematics are encouraged to attend.
[Service] New Website
Home page of the new websiteThe Bioinformatics Core Research Facility just released its new website.